The goal for Man, Nature, and Meaning (MNM), a secondary educational site, is to help students in the Netherlands learn a process of techniques to help them think through their problems, and to help teachers expand the critical thinking skills of their students through philosophical discussions.

Critical thinking is simply a deliberate thought process that when practiced can become a natural part of a student’s thinking process. Critical thinking skills developed through philosophical discussion can make it easier for students to grasp complicated problems and understand points of view that they disagree with.

Studies are revealing that the teaching of critical thinking skills in the classroom have fallen short in recent times. It is at the center of importance for a child’s education and is the spokes wheel for success in all subjects concerning education.

Critical thinking skills and philosophical discussions will also spill over into mathematics, biology, history, and writing skills. The way we think affects all aspects of man’s life.

Both of these goals for teachers and students incorporated will enhance the student’s success in the classroom and in their individual lives.

MNM lays out the 7 steps of the program with tips & techniques for each step. Following is the format for the seven steps to be explained for an easy to use template on another page:

Step 1: Read (first pass)

Step 2: Reflect (think about what you read)

Step 3: Re-read (read it again after a few hours, at the minimum)

Step 4: Compose (draft thoughts)

Step 5: Share (bring to class and share thoughts)

Step 6: Discuss (group discussion about everyone’s thoughts)

Step 7: Finalize (execute the paper and refine your thoughts)

MNM educational site will include a three-part Student Test Page that describes the testing process for students. Following is the format for the three parts:

Part 1: Read (read the question)

Part 2: Relax (don’t rush)

Part 3: Re-write (write the answer, then re-write it to see if any new answers pop up)

A Teacher Page will be included on the MNM site explaining the process for teacher’s-which is also in three-parts:

Part 1: Nature (what are the student’s natural talents)

Part 2: Nurture (cultivate those natural talents)

Part 3: Necessary (what the student must learn, but re-worked to fit with their strengths)

MNM educational site would like to help reduce the number of students graduating from educational institutions without learning the critical thinking skills that are needed for reasoning through complex issues. And MNM would like to help teachers be equipped with a substantive concept of critical thinking-which will enable them to effectively pass it on to their students.

The most important educational task of teaching is that of equipping students with critical thinking skills and allowing the classroom to become a safe place for disagreement in philosophical discussions. MNM will have tools & techniques for students and teachers to access for learning and teaching. Such as:


  • Be an active learner with information and retain it-not passive and lose it
  • Practice your ability to reason and argue in an orderly way.
  • Be able to meet problems in a consistent & systematic way.
  • Understand the connection between ideas and be able to follow through and implement them.


  • Develop effective teaching practices to fit the different needs of your students.
  • Understand Critical Thinking Skills among your peers and continue being a life learner.
  • Seek-first to understand your student before they seek to understand.
  • Making connections with your student-giving order and substance to teaching and learning.
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