Resist temptation for no deposit bonuses

This program is created by one of our sponsors, Gamblia Casino. This casino has a great responsible gaming team in place that actively looks for players who might need help controlling their gambling habits. Just so the casino can help them resist the temptation. In the 10 years this online casino has been active, it has seen that a lot of damage could be prevented if the players were better informed before signing up at an online casino. That’s why it has decided to start the Resist temptation program for young professionals. It’s mostly directed at responsible gambling, but can be used in other aspects of life as well.

Lesson 1: Be realistic

Of course it’s very appealing to see ads that offer a no deposit bonus or casinogeld bij registratie. But it’s not very likely that these types of bonuses make you rich. A no deposit bonus is designed to let you get familiar with the casino and the games it offers. To see if you will like it enough to actually place a deposit. Of course there are people who get lucky with a no deposit bonus, but the wagering requirements are carefully set up to make it a real challenge.

Lesson 2: Set a casino budget

Before you start playing at a casino, you should define a budget. Ask yourself what amount you could stand to lose. Not only literally, as it is most important that you won’t get hungry, but also mentally. You can be rich, but nobody would like to lose 100k in the casino in just a day. So make sure you know the amount that you are comfortable with and never pass it. There’s always another month if you still feel like playing after hitting the limit.

Lesson 3: Always have fun

The first goal of going to the casino is to have fun, whether it be online or in a land based casino. As soon as you stop having fun, you should stop playing immediately. Cooling down for a day or two usually helps to start enjoying the casino again. But you should also quit playing immediately if other non-fun things happen because of your casino behaviour. If your personal life is affected by your love for slot machines, you know that you have gone a bit too far.

Lesson 4: Never borrow money

Maybe one of the most important lessons in this course is to never borrow money for the casino. For one, many people are ashamed to ask for money and only do this when there’s no other way to get by. Usually they will find a way to pay the money back. When you use it for the casino, however, this is unlikely. You will then lose all credibility and not be able to borrow any more money when you really need it. Even though Gamblia Casino is a casino, it doesn’t want its players to get into trouble over a few slot machines.

Lesson 5: The casino always wins

This may be a strange title for a casino. It doesn’t make it any less true. Casino games are designed to make sure the casino always ends up with a profit. This doesn’t mean that they are rigged. In fact, it’s the opposite. All the rules are out in the open. It’s just that nobody pays real attention to them. Take slot machines for example. If they have an RTP of 96,8% this means that 3,2% of all wagers go to the casino. It may not seem like much, but at the end of the day, this adds up. Then there’s roulette. There are 37 compartments for the ball to land in, but with a correct number you only win 35 times your bet. Which means that during a day, the casino is likely to make some profits.