Student Test

Part 1: Read (read the question)

Make sure the night before test day that you plan on getting enough sleep and drink plenty of water. Both sleep and hydration have a positive effect on your brain. Before you begin, remind yourself that you can do it-and do it well. A positive attitude goes a long way on test day.

Scan the entire test briefly before you begin. Pick out the easy questions to answer first. This will build your confidence and leave more time for the more challenging questions.

Read the question slowly. Reflect on what kind of answer is needed.

Part 2: Relax (don’t rush)

Breathing exercises are a good way to relax in a quiet atmosphere. Just relax and breathe in slowly-count to 3 and slowly exhale. Being calm and relaxed will help your thinking process and allow the answers you need to come to the forefront of your thoughts.

If you become tense again during the test, just stop, and do breathing exercises again until you feel calm.

Part 3: Re-write (write the answer, then re-write it to see if any new ideas pop up)

Now that you are relaxed, write the answer to the question. Read the question again and wait to see if any new ideas pop up. If you are unable to answer a question, mark it and return later. Another question may trigger the answer to the one you couldn’t think of.

When you have finished, if you have time, go over your test again looking for any mistakes. Make sure your work is neat and legible. By doing this, no matter the outcome, you will know you did your best.